4 Signs that You Need a New Windscreen

4 Signs that You Need a New Windscreen

Spotted a crack or a chip in your windscreen and sitting there thinking it’s an easy fix and nothing to worry about for the moment? Jotting it down on your to do list and get around to it later? It’s time to think again.

Your windscreen is extremely important in keeping you and your family safe on the road. It stops airborne particles and objects from entering your car, as well as providing an amount of protection in case of an accident. But while dust or a bug might leave a smudge, objects like rocks, hail and tree branches can cause your windscreen to chip or crack.

Windscreens are relatively tough; being that they are a form of protection when on the road, they won’t damage easily – but when they do, there is a chance that your windscreen may shatter, injuring you and anyone else in the car with you.  

People often ignore a small chip or crack thinking there isn’t a major need to repair it quickly. While that crack or chip may start out small, leaving it allows dust and moisture to build up, making the damage worse. A chipped or cracked windscreen should never be ignored – no matter how large or small the amount of damage is.

While some windscreen damage can be repaired, there are four indicators that you will need to replace your windscreen to keep everyone safe while on the road.

Where the Damage Has Occurred

The location of the chip or crack on the windscreen is important and it is one of the biggest factors in a windscreen requiring replacement. If your windscreen is chipped or cracked close to the edge, or within your line of sight, it is essential to have the windscreen replaced, not repaired, rather quickly. Damage in the line of sight of the driver can affect the view of the road, while those too close to the edge can easily weaken the remainder of the windscreen, leaving you with the potential of your windscreen cracking as you drive.

Size and Depth of the Damage

If you have a chip or a crack on your windscreen, it is always advisable to get professional and expert advice. While it may not seem very big, chips and cracks that go deeper than the outside layer of the glass can affect the strength of the windscreen. Similarly, with the size of the chip or crack. While it may look relatively small, it is always a great idea to have it checked out by an autoglass expert.

How Much the Windscreen is Damaged

One or two chips and small cracks might be repairable, but when you start to get more than that, it’s time to get your car windscreen seen to. A large number of chips and cracks could result in your windscreen becoming weak, and therefore more prone to shattering. Anything that impairs the driver’s vision should be checked and repaired quickly. If you have already had a number of repairs done, or your windscreen is old, an autoglass repairer will likely recommend for the windscreen to be replaced.

A Repair Didn’t Work

If you have already had a chip or crack repaired and it didn’t work, or the windscreen has chipped and cracked in the same place again, it’s time to book your car in for a new windscreen. Many autoglass repairers will not attempt to repair the same spot again – it hasn’t worked for a reason, and likely won’t work a second time.

Windscreen replacement can be an expensive exercise however many drivers will have a windscreen replacement option in their insurance. Often this will allow for one windscreen replacement a year, with or without an excess payable. The best way to find out if your windscreen is covered is to call your insurer. If your windscreen replacement is covered, make sure you have your policy details ready to provide to the repairer. If you don’t have windscreen replacement – add it to your insurance for peace of mind.

If you’ve got a cracked or chipped windscreen, Autoscreens can come to you and replace your windscreen on site, whether you’re at work or at home. With free quotes and a 24-hour hotline, don’t risk your own safety by driving with a damaged windscreen.

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