The 5 Best Road Trips In WA

The 5 Best Road Trips In WA

Many would agree that you haven’t truly experienced Australia until you head away from the city and onto its wide open roads that lead to incredible scenery, fascinating history and epic adventures. Are you feeling inspired to get to know this beautiful country a bit better? Start off close to home by exploring the many beautiful areas your state has on offer. Below are our 5 best road trips to take in Western Australia.

Cape to Cape

Explore the southern coast line of WA by taking the road from Cape Naturaliste to the southern Cape at Cape Leeuwen, or beyond. The Cape to Cape drive covers about 143kms and is the ideal trip if you only have a couple of days off.  This is an easy and relaxed coastal route, and some of the highlights driving down include the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, Meelup Beach, Ngilgi Cave, Boranup Karri Forest and Cape Leeuwen – the most south westerly point in Australia. Along the way you’ll come across the many beautiful Margaret River wineries where you can stop to experience some of the best wine, beer, food and chocolate in WA and Australia.

The Nullarbor Plain

This is a road trip not to be missed. Even though the road across the Nullabor Plain will take you across the border and into South Australia, a large chunk of it shows off some of the most incredible scenery to be found in WA. Take a few days off, start in Perth and drive through vast, treeless landscapes that lead to many animal sightings, rugged coastlines, historic areas and small towns with friendly locals.

Perth to Exmouth

Explore the Coral Coast by making your way north from Perth to Exmouth.  This 1,253 km journey offers an incredible experience for any type of traveller. It includes sleepy and beautiful coastal towns, the rugged gorges at Kalbarri National Park, and well-known Ningaloo Reef with its pristine marine life, unspoiled beaches and the chance to swim with whale sharks – a highlight for any snorkelers and divers.

Perth to Broome

If you are looking for more adventures and sights once you reach Exmouth, head further north along the coast until you get to Broome. Lying ahead is a more remote stretch of road that serves as the gateway to northern WA and the Kimberley where you can experience great distances, remote scenery and true indigenous culture. Compared to the south, the coastline up to Broome is wild and unspoiled. One of your stops should include a night at the Eighty Mile Beach with its stretch of pure white sand beach.

Gibb River Road

Known as one of Australia’s top Outback experiences, the Gibb River Road is a short cut from Broome that takes you off the Great Northern Highway, through the Kimberley and up to Kununurra in the East Kimberley. This alternative to the main road will lead you through seas of red dirt, dramatic scenery and vast open skies. Along the way you can take small side roads to a choice of remote gorges, creeks and waterfalls.

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