A Damaged Windscreen Can End Up Costing You More Than You Think!

A Damaged Windscreen Can End Up Costing You More Than You Think!


When your windscreen is damaged, the perceived inconvenience of getting it fixed is actually the least of your worries. 

Apart from the fact that having a windscreen repaired or replaced is actually really quick, easy and surprisingly affordable (and can be done on your own premises), you need to be aware that there are many  aspects related to driving with damaged autoglass that can end up costing you a lot more than you would imagine.

Many people aren’t aware just how important their windscreen is to the integrity – in other words, safety – of their vehicle.  Windscreens can actually account for up to 30% of the structural integrity of a car, which means that any damage to the glass or the surrounds can compromise its strength, reliability and safety.  If your vehicle is unsafe, you are endangering the lives of those in your car and those of other road users too.

A badly cracked or damaged windscreen can render a vehicle unroadworthy and that’s why the police take windscreen damage so seriously.  You should too.

The officer may issue a vehicle defect notice, impose conditions on the use of the vehicle or even prohibit you from using the vehicle – and all of those things will end up costing you.  You’ll have 14 days in which to get your vehicle roadworthy and inspected at an authorised station – and you’ll have to pay an inspection fee.  What’s more, the vehicle will be inspected for all defects (not just the one shown on the yellow compliance sticker) so you may discover you have even more hidden costs!

However, money is immaterial when it comes to the big picture of road safety and the safety of lives on the road.  The statistics make horrifying reading and the consequences of a road accident can be devastating.  

The cost of fixing a damaged windscreen is insignificant in the bigger picture and there is absolutely no justification for driving a car with a damaged windscreen that could be a safety risk on the road.  Of course, accidents do happen but the fall-out from a collision – even a minor one – can be significant and drivers really need to take every precaution to ensure the utmost safety of themselves, their passengers and other road users.

A damaged windscreen can also impair your vision.  A distorted view caused by the crack or chip or refracted light from the cracked edges of the glass shining into your eyes could compromise your ability to see objects or obstructions on the road – and the consequences of that could be extremely costly.

A chip or a crack in your windscreen may seem like an irritation, but getting it fixed is hassle-free and surprisingly affordable.  You may even find that you’re covered by your insurance company and won’t have to pay out a cent – but even if you do, it’s a job worth doing and it’s a job worth doing as soon as possible after the damage has occurred.

An experienced autoglass technician is able to do a professional inspection of your windscreen and make an informed recommendation as to the best course of action, ie whether you need a windscreen repair or a full windscreen replacement.  Perth company, Autoscreens, has a loyal following across the wider metropolitan area because of the speed and efficiency of their service, the quality of their workmanship and their products and the fact that they’re on hand 24/7 to come to your premises at your convenience.

Get in touch with them on 0400 200 086 or visit Autoscreens to make an appointment for a speedy and cost-effective solution to any of your windscreen woes.

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