Best Methods For Keeping Your Windscreen Clean

Best Methods For Keeping Your Windscreen Clean

Keeping your car’s windscreen clean is one of the most important things you can do to keep you safe on the road.  It’s a simple job and doesn’t take long, yet it’s surprising how few of us do it on a regular basis.

Here are seven simple steps to a crystal clear windscreen:

  1. Park your car out of direct sunlight so that the glass doesn’t heat up.  This will prevent any soapy liquid from drying too quickly and leaving smudges and streaks behind.
  2. Clean the outside of the windscreen first.  If there is a lot of visible dirt, it’s best to spray the glass with a hose to remove built-up grit and grime.  Then wipe with a soft microfibre cloth or paper towel.  Take care with this step as you don’t want to scratch the glass with vigorous rubbing especially if hard, gritty bits are stuck to the windscreen.
  3. Then spray the exterior glass with windscreen cleaning product and wipe it with a dry lint-free cloth.  Always use an ammonia-free cleaner as these smell better, but importantly, they won’t leave streaky marks or damage your interiors.  It’s a good idea to lift up the windscreen wipers and give them a gentle clean too – and while you’re doing this, you should check if they’re still in good condition. 
  4. Next, tackle the interior glass.  Firstly, wipe it down with a soft, damp, lint-free cloth and then spray with an automotive glass cleaner (which you can get from specialist motor shops, petrol stations or from selected supermarkets).  
  5. Using a clean cloth and starting from the top of the windscreen, wipe the whole surface down (spraying more glass cleaner where necessary). 
  6. For a clear, streak-free finish, give the interior glass one last wipe with a dry, clean lint-free cloth.
  7. A handy (and cost-effective) tip is to make your own glass cleaner by adding a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice or clear vinegar to warm water.  Pop this solution into a spray bottle and voila – your own eco-friendly glass cleaner!

Clear, sparkling windows not only look good but they’re crucial to your safety too.  You’ll see the road more clearly and you may even spot a little dent or chip that you hadn’t noticed before. 

And as you know, fixing those little chips and cracks immediately is absolutely vital as they can spread quickly and escalate into a significant problem.  Just as cleaning your windscreen is quick and easy – so too is having your windscreen repaired or even replaced – plus the job can be done in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Remember, always choose a reputable windscreen repairer who is able to guarantee their materials and their workmanship.  For the best in windscreen repairs and replacements in Perth, contact Autoscreens.  He brings over 25 years’ experience to every job and has been a preferred supplier right across the Perth Metro region because of his quick response, friendly attention and quality service.  For bookings, please contact Jason on 0400 200 086 or visit Autoscreens.

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