Can I Tint My Windscreen?

Can I Tint My Windscreen?

Tinted windows aren’t just for cool cars.  They can also help you keep your cool when tempers flare AND they’ll keep your car cool when temperatures rise outside.  In other words, tinted windows are useful for more than just turning heads at a good-looking car – they serve many practical purposes too.

But the key question is – can you tint your windscreen?  And what level of tinting is allowed?

The laws covering tinted windows of vehicles vary between the states and territories and they differ between the types of vehicle (for example trucks, buses, stretch limousines, commercial vehicles etc).  Applications for special concessions and medical exemptions can be made to your local Department of Transport.

Most local governments have a legal requirement for a minimum visual light transmission (VLT) limit of 35% but this excludes the front windscreen which is not allowed to have any sort of tinted film applied to it.

However, in Western Australia, this policy has been relaxed and a tinted band is now allowed across the top of the windscreen, but it must be less than 10% of the total windscreen glass area.

By the way, VLT is the benchmark for how dark the windows can be.  A VLT of 35% means that 35% of visible light will pass through the tinted glass while 65% will be blocked.

Restrictions also apply to the different windows of a vehicle such as the side windows and rear windows and there are regulations governing how reflective the tinting membrane can be, the quality and condition of the film etc.   Drivers should know that contravention of these laws is serious and illegally tinted vehicles can attract an immediate fine and may negate your motor insurance.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the requirements for car tinting in West Australia:

  • Windscreen – only a tinted band across the top of the windscreen is allowed, and this cannot be more than 10% of the total windscreen glass area. It also mustn’t protrude into the primary vision area
  • Rear window – a VLT of more than 20% is required
  • Front side windows – a VLT of more than 35% is required
  • Rear side windows – require a VLT more than 20%
  • Front side windows – must have more than 35% VLT

So after all that, it’s quite clear (pardon the pun) that you aren’t allowed to tint your windscreen but you can tint the other windows in your car.

Here are some of the reasons why car tinting is so popular:

  • Provides protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays (premium products will reject up to 99% of UV radiation)
  • Reduces heat inside the vehicle
  • Reduces glare by up to 60%
  • Improves passenger comfort
  • Enhances safety
  • Tinted film helps hold shattered glass together in the unfortunate event of an accident

Whether you choose to tint your car’s windows for aesthetics or for any other reason, the most important thing to remember is that your autoglass is there for one main reason – and that is to keep you and your passengers safe.  If there is any sign of damage such as a crack or chip – even if the damage seems tiny and insignificant – you need to have it seen to as soon as possible by a professional windscreen repair company so that it can be restored to full working order – or replaced if necessary.

If the damage is limited and doesn’t impact on the integrity of the windscreen, a mobile windscreen repairer can come to you and will most likely be able to fix the problem promptly then and there.  Otherwise, a full windscreen replacement can also be done surprisingly quickly.

For fast, professional, affordable and convenient windscreen repairs or windscreen replacements in Perth, get in touch with Autoscreens on 0400 200 086.  They offer a mobile 24/7 service across all areas around Perth and have years of experience in the industry dealing with all types of vehicles, as well as dealing with tinted windows.  For more details or to make an online booking for your convenient windscreen repair or replacement, please contact Autoscreens.

For more information on vehicle tinting in WA here.

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