Car Window Replacement – What to Look For

Car Window Replacement – What to Look For

Damage to your car windscreen or windows is one of those things that happens when you least expect it and when you least have the time to fix it. While you may think the damage is minor, and it may very well start out as minor, it can easily blow out to a serious problem if it isn’t fixed quickly.

It is however important to choose the right car window replacement company to take the stress out of replacing your damaged windscreen or windows. There are some ways that ensure you can get your windscreen and windows replaced quickly, while also getting the best service possible.

Choose a Local Business

By choosing a local, family run business, you generally tend to get a better level of service. Why? Because the repairer is invested in ensuring you get a high level of customer service and a quality product. Small family businesses also tend to offer services that larger franchised businesses don’t, including a quick service turn-around time, and coming to you rather than risking your windscreen or windows cracking further by making you come to them.

Do They Cover Insurance Work?

Many car owners have windscreen replacement as part of their car insurance coverage, and many repairers are partnered with insurance companies allowing them to handle this work. If your repairer is trying to steer you away from claiming the windscreen or window replacement on your insurance, it is worth asking why.

A quality repairer will have all the right claim forms on hand, and if they don’t work with your insurance company, they should tell you before commencing any work.

Past Customer Experiences

Let’s face it, replacing a windscreen or window in your car isn’t something that you do regularly so you don’t generally have a repairer that you often call upon. Many small auto window repairers rely on word of mouth to get their business name out there, and this often comes in the form of online reviews.

Taking some time to read reviews on social media, Google and review websites is a great way to ensure you are choosing a quality repairer who cares about your car.

Are They Experts?

Some businesses offer windscreen and window repair and replacement as one service in their business, while other businesses solely offer this service, preferring to specialise in this area. By choosing a business who only provides these services, you know that you have a company with experience in replacing or repairing windscreens and car windows – that’s all they do all day!

Quality of Parts Used

Some businesses try to cut costs by using cheaper windscreens and windows. Low quality windscreens are more likely to crack and chip, causing you further stress. Car glass replacement is not cheap, and the company you use should be installing high quality windscreens and windows. Also remember to ask about warranty on both workmanship and parts. Many windscreens and windows have a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind.

Do they Come to You?

Because you really shouldn’t be driving with a cracked or chipped windscreen, finding a company that offers same day service is imperative as is finding a business that comes to you. Chips don’t tend to take too long to fix, however a replacement may take up to 2 hours. Often, people will put off having a repair or replacement done because they can’t take that much time off work. Don’t put off the work – simply use a business that offers a mobile service.

Whether you live and work in Perth or are just visiting, having your windscreen or car glass windows repaired and replaced doesn’t need to be stressful nor does it need to cost you a lot. Choosing an experienced repairer, as well as one who works with a range of insurance companies makes the task a lot less stressful. Taking the stress out of having your windscreen or car windows repaired or replaced is easy when you choose the right business. In Perth, Autoscreens provides a mobile service, coming to you at home or work, providing an affordable, experienced and quality service.

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