Holiday Tips for Your Car

Holiday Tips for Your Car

Have you been looking forward to that long-awaited holiday? We all love leaving the office behind and heading somewhere a lot more peaceful and relaxing, but the last thing any of us want is issues with our car and becoming stranded in the middle of nowhere.

If you’re planning a driving holiday soon, ensuring your car is holiday ready is important – after all, you want to reach your destination safely!

Book Your Car in for a Service

If it’s been awhile since your car has had a service, or it is due for you and you’ve just been putting it off, now is the time to get it done. When preparing for a driving holiday it is best to have a full service done, even if your car isn’t due. Often this will involve an oil and oil filter change, air conditioning checks, checks of the electronics, and topping up all fluids in the car. Your mechanic should also do a visual check on your car.

Have Window Chips and Scratches Repaired

One thing you really don’t want to have to deal with when on holidays is a cracked or shattered windscreen. As windscreen repairers we’ve seen far too often what happens when people don’t repair their windscreen quick enough. Even if the crack or chip is only small, have it repaired or your windscreen replaced. It is far too easy for a rock to come flying at your windscreen, potentially leaving you sitting on the side of the highway with a shattered windscreen.

Ensure the Essentials are Working

Even after having your car serviced, you should check the essentials yourself. Make sure your windows are working, ensure the air con is pushing out air at the right temperature, test the radio and CD or Bluetooth to make sure you’ll have something to sing along to. You’ll also want to make sure a phone hooks through your car Bluetooth correctly if you have it. This then allows you to safely make or take calls without needing to pick up your phone.

This is a great time to also check any baby car seats and roof racks are correctly attached.

Tyre Check

Tyres play a major role in any successful road trip. A couple of days before your head off on your holiday road trip, make sure the tyres are fully inflated and have plenty of tread. If something seems off, get a wheel alignment done or take your car to a tyre expert so that they can check for any issues. If there is any cause for concern, it may be best to have your tyres replaced for safety.

Also check your spare is inflated and has tread and that you have everything you need to change a tyre on the side of the road should the need arise. If you are doing a long road trip, it may be wise to consider having a second spare tyre in the car.

Drive Safe

Apart from having your car serviced and checked over, you will need to make sure you’re ready to take the drive; and it’s not just as easy as getting a coffee at the next stop! As most long drives are met with fatigue, there are plenty of things you can do to help you arrive safely. Two of the best things you can do on a driving holiday is:

  • Stop every 2 hours to allow your body to take a break
  • Make sure you have enough water to help your mind stay alert

Other steps you can take to combat fatigue on your drive include:

  • Taking short walks when stopping for a break to stretch your legs and clear your mind
  • Stop when you are feeling tired – there’s no use pushing through to the next roadside stop
  • Share the driving with your partner.
  • If travelling on your own, you may like to consider travelling shorter distances at a time; this may mean your two-day trip takes three days, but you are more likely to end up arriving safe if you take your time.

Best Snacks for a Road Trip

We thought we’d throw in a list of some of our favourite snacks for a road trip, as well as some we’ve found that help keep us focused on the road.

  • Beef jerky from your local butcher or specialty store (trust us, you’ll notice the difference from service station jerky)
  • Cheese
  • Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Easy to eat sandwiches – simply pop on your favourite spread
  • Protein balls and bars
  • Popcorn

Healthy options are always best but we don’t blame you for popping some chocolate in the car to help break up those long drives.

If you need help getting your car ready for your next road trip, speak to the team at Autoscreens. We can help you with all your windscreen repairs and replacements, ensuring your car is safe to drive. An undamaged windscreen is essential if you’re planning a road trip. Come and see the team today.

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