How Much Does A Windscreen Replacement Cost?

How Much Does A Windscreen Replacement Cost?

As strong and sturdy as they are, vehicle windscreens are unfortunately not invincible.  They’re made from tough laminated glass and are built to withstand some rough treatment, but there are occasions when severe weather, temperature fluctuations, a bit of loose gravel or some other impacts result in a chipped or cracked windscreen.

Unlike a chip or dent in your car’s bodywork, a damaged windscreen shouldn’t be ignored.  For safety’s sake, it’s important to have the damage assessed by a professional as soon as possible.

Your windscreen acts as a protective barrier to the car’s occupants, but not many people realise that it also provides up to 30% of a vehicle’s structural strength.  Any damage may compromise its ability to do its job properly – plus it’s also illegal to drive if your view of the road is hampered by the damage.

Can a damaged windscreen be fixed?

In many instances, fixing the damage is simple and straightforward.  However, there are situations when a full windscreen replacement is necessary.

Generally, a windscreen can be fixed if:

  • The chip is smaller than 2.5cm wide
  • The damage doesn’t compromise the vehicle’s roadworthiness
  • The chip hasn’t penetrated into the inner layer
  • The damage doesn’t impede the driver’s view of the road

Read our blog post about whether to repair or replace a windscreen for more information.

What does a windscreen replacement cost?

The cost of a full windscreen replacement depends on the make, model and age of the vehicle.  It also depends on whether there are any technological features required in the new windscreen such as rain sensors, speed zone recognition and lasers.

Prices can range from $300 to $3000 but it’s really only possible to get an accurate quote from a specialist.  It is of course, possible to get insurance cover for windscreen repairs and windscreen replacements, so the cost and excess will vary depending on the terms of the individual policy.

Can you get a cheap windscreen replacement?

At Autoscreens, we’re often asked whether it’s possible to get a ‘generic’ windscreen replacement that costs less than one from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).  We can certainly help with that!

An aftermarket car windscreen can cost less. The majority of the glass we fit here at Autoscreens is aftermarket. A more cost effective solution but with the same high standards and specifications you would expect with an OEM windscreen.  We always recommend that people do their research thoroughly before making any decision.

Factors impacting the cost of a windscreen replacement

In a nutshell, the following factors will determine who much you can expect to pay for a windscreen replacement:

  • Make, model and age of the vehicle (premium vehicles generally command a higher price for new windscreens)
  • Technology in the windscreen
  • OEM or aftermarket product
  • Extent of the damage (if the rubber surrounds are also damaged, they will need to be replaced too)
  • Motor insurance policy and premiums
  • Choice of repairer (we recommend doing your research to find a reputable mobile service provider that guarantees the products and their workmanship)

A final word …

Replacing a windscreen is a surprisingly quick and straightforward job, often only requiring an hour or so of labour.  That means costs are minimised and the best news is that windscreen replacements – like repairs – can be done at your own premises at a time that suits you.   We can also come to your work address. No lengthy waits, inconvenient drop offs or unnecessary disruptions to your routine – and that is priceless!

If you’re after reliable, affordable and experienced help with your windscreen replacement, you’re welcome to get in touch with our friendly team at Autoscreens.  We’ve been a leading automotive glass replacement company in Perth for over 10 years and we work on all vehicle makes and models. Plus we guarantee our workmanship.

If you’d like to find out the cost of your windscreen replacement or repair, please fill in the contact form or give us a call on 0400 2000 86.

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