Windscreen Repair vs Windscreen Replacement

Windscreen Repair vs Windscreen Replacement

When it comes to making a decision whether to repair or replace your vehicle’s windscreen, you need to listen to the professionals.

That’s because windscreen damage can be deceptive – and what you may think is merely a minor nuisance may actually be much a more serious problem.

In fact, there’s nothing ‘minor’ about a crack or chip in your windscreen

Every bit of damage needs to be sorted out as soon as possible because the problem can escalate quickly.  What’s more, your windscreen is critically important to the structural integrity of the cabin of your vehicle, so any damage may compromise the roadworthiness of your vehicle and could even put people’s safety at risk.

So how do you know when your damaged windscreen can be repaired or when you need a whole new one?

Well, modern technology has changed how we deal with windscreen damage.  In the past, a chip or crack often meant the glass had to be replaced in its entirety but today, the most common scenario is a simple windscreen repair.  Even long cracks can be fixed by an experienced technician, but there are three main factors that determine the right course of action. 

Windscreen repair or replacement depends on the size, depth and location of the crack or chip – and speed is of the essence.  If the damage is caught in time, a professional repairer can often restore the glass to peak condition, so you do need to move quickly if you’ve had an unlucky break.

Most cracks and chips are caused by small stones that are flicked up by passing vehicles, and the impact takes a tiny divot out of the glass.  Windscreen glass is comprised of a protective vinyl inner layer sandwiched between two sheets of safety glass and repairers can fix damage by injecting a type of resin into the area.


As a general rule, if the damage is smaller than a 20c piece, it is most likely repairable.  Even longer cracks can be fixed but the professionals need to make that call based on their technical knowledge and experience.


Damage can be repaired provided that it’s not in the driver’s line of vision (imagine the area covered by the driver’s windscreen wiper).  Whilst expert windscreen repairs are high quality, the finish is not quite the same as the original, so the vehicle won’t be roadworthy if the driver’s view is affected.

A windscreen replacement will be necessary if the damage extends to the rim of the windscreen.  That means it is compromising the structural strength of the car’s body – a crucial safety consideration in the event of a collision or rollover.

Also, if the damage affects features like rain sensors, automatic braking systems or any other automated driver assistance system, it may not be possible to do repairs because of the risk that the damage may cause these features to malfunction. 


Most chips, dents and cracks are superficial and can be repaired quickly and easily.  However, if the damage is deep and penetrates through the outer and inner layer of glass, you will need a full windscreen replacement.

Don’t be like many drivers and think that it’s OK to drive around with a damaged windscreen.  It’s not.  And don’t be put off by the possibility that you may have to have a full windscreen replacement either.  It can be done quickly, easily and at your convenience.

A small crack or chip can grow into a major problem.  Have your car evaluated by a professional as soon as possible and trust their judgement when they recommend the best solution.  It’s simply not worth taking a chance and besides, high quality windscreen repairs and replacements are surprisingly affordable and in many instances, are comprehensively covered by your motor insurance.

For the best in windscreen replacement and windscreen repair in Perth, look no further than Autoscreens.  Over 20 years, they have established a strong reputation and loyal customer base for their high quality, affordable, quick and convenient windscreen repairs in Perth.   And they’re mobile too.  They’ll assess the condition of your windscreen and will always look for the most cost-effective and practical solution, so if you’ve got an autoglass problem, book online 24/7 or give Jason a call on 0400 200 086 for a free quote.

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