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Windscreen Repairs Perth

The most cost effective alternative to Windscreen Replacement, saving you $$$$

Windscreen Repair

If you get a chip or crack in your windscreen, you need to take action. Fast. Even a tiny bit of damage can quickly worsen, turning a small problem into a much bigger one.

Our quality windscreen repairs can restore your windscreen to top-notch condition and save you money. You’ll hardly notice the original damage and your windscreen will be restored to its full strength and safety.

Chipped Windscreen Repair

Our specialist technicians do the repairs at your home or work and we’ll have you back on the road in double quick time.

We are experts in windscreen repairs in Perth with a strong reputation for quality workmanship and service excellence. We are a licensed repairer and can fix or replaced damaged or broken glass in any make or model of vehicle including trucks, 4WDs and luxury sedans.

What’s special about us?
Autoscreens is a family-owned and operated business, so we have a vested interest in the highest standards of service and quality.

When you contact us for a mobile windscreen repair, you get personalised advice from a certified technician. No call centres. Just fast, professional and friendly service from experts you can trust.

✓ A life-time warranty on all our work
✓ Accredited, fully trained technicians
✓ Up-to-date on the latest in autoglass technology
✓ Affordable rates
✓ Mobile service
✓ Over 30 years automotive industry experience
✓ Comprehensive windscreen repair service for all makes and models
✓ Excellent relationships with motor dealers and autobody repairers
✓ We bill insurance companies directly
✓ We are COVID safe and work to the highest standard of sanitisation protocols

What to do if your windscreen is chipped

If you’re insured, you need to first lodge a claim. Remember, you have the right to choose your own windscreen repair company. We have good relationships with many insurance companies and we bill them directly which means less hassle for you!

We offer extremely competitive pricing for all windscreen repairs and replacements, regardless of insurance.

Cracks and chips are common and if left unchecked, can quickly spread and worsen.

They’re caused by:

  • Loose stones and other road debris thrown up by passing vehicles
  • Falling debris from overhanging trees
  • Extreme temperature swings
  • Poor installation of a windscreen.
  • Bird strikes or other types of collision

When can a windscreen be repaired?

If a chip is smaller than an Australian one dollar coin or if the crack less than 3cm long (and the damage is more than 5cm from the trim), it’s probably repairable. However, if the damage is extensive or it obstructs the driver’s vision, you will probably need a windscreen replacement.

First prize is a repair job because it means you keep your factory fitted windscreen. We will assess the damage and always recommend the safest, best-value solution.

You’ll hardly notice the chip once we’ve repaired it and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Remember, you can’t repair a chip twice. That’s why it’s important to get the highest quality service in the first place.

How is a windscreen repaired?

We come to you. Our mobile units are fully equipped to do both repairs and full windscreen replacements on site and either Jason, the owner of Autoscreens or his son, Xavier, a fully trained technician, will personally do the work.

We inject a special epoxy or acrylic compound into the chip which is then set under a UV light. We use the highest quality tools and industry-leading materials because your safety is our priority.

We also do removes, refits and reseals

Water leaking through the seal of your windscreen? Noticed a whistling noise when driving?

These are signs that the rubber seal around your windscreen may have deteriorated or is damaged. And you shouldn’t ignore this.

Autoscreens offers a mobile windscreen rubber seal replacement service where we take out the existing glass, remove all the old trim and refit the windscreen as new.

We ensure all our repairs are as neat, tidy and hassle-free as possible. We also come to your home or workplace at a time that suits you.


How long do windscreen repairs take?
Most repairs take less than an hour.
Can you see the chip once it’s been repaired?
A repaired chip or crack is never totally invisible, but if the job is done well, you’ll hardly notice it.
Do you offer a mobile service?

Yes. We service the Perth Metro area, from Two Rocks to Mandurah.

What warranties do you offer?
All our work comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Are you a licensed repairer?

Yes. Autoscreens is fully accredited and our technicians have completed the highest level of professional training.

Are you COVID-safe?

Yes. Autoscreens works to the highest standard of sanitisation protocols.

Do you accept Afterpay?


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Autoscreens is a family run windscreen replacement and windscreen repair business that is based in Perth, Western Australia and owned by Jason Squire.

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