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Windscreen Replacement Perth

If you need your vehicle’s windscreen replaced, you’ve come to the right place.

A windscreen is a critical structural element of your vehicle and if it is damaged, your safety could be at risk. It is surprisingly quick, easy and affordable to replace a windscreen, but quality workmanship is paramount. It’s just not worth taking a chance.

Why choose us?

Choose Autoscreens for your windscreen replacement, and you’ll get the services of Perth’s most trusted mobile autoglass professionals.

We are a family owned and operated business with a strong track record of high quality workmanship, value for money and friendly personal service. Our technicians are fully accredited and have over 30 years of automotive industry experience.

We offer a comprehensive mobile autoglass service and keep stock of side glass, rear glass and windscreens of most makes and models of cars and trucks at our Perth premises.

✓ Approved by all insurance companies
✓ Lifetime warranty
✓ Family owned and operated. Engage directly with the owner, Jason or his son, Xavier.
✓ Over 30 years’ experience
✓ Windscreen replacements on private and commercial vehicles, including luxury models
✓ Established relationships with reputable autobody repairers
✓ Convenient mobile service
✓ Fast turnaround times
✓ COVID safe operations

When should I replace my windscreen?

In many instances, it is possible to repair cracks or chips in a windscreen. But sometimes the damage is too extensive, too deep or too complex to repair and a full windscreen replacement is necessary.

The location of the damage is also a factor. If a chip or crack is in the driver’s line of sight or is very close to the edge of the windscreen, a full replacement is usually necessary.

If cracks or chips are left unchecked, they may result in damage to your vehicle’s internal computer systems. And that can be costly to repair!

Our Autoscreens technicians are fully licensed to do repairs and replacements and will always recommend the safest and most cost-effective option.

A windscreen replacement is necessary when the damage:

  • Impedes the driver’s ability to see clearly
  • Causes the glass to look ‘wavy’ or distorted
  • Compromises the vehicle’s structural integrity
  • Causes a whistling noise or water to leak into the car

A windscreen replacement is a surprisingly quick and easy job. In most instances, it can be done at your premises and the process generally takes around an hour. The vehicle needs to stand for a further hour to allow for the glue to cure.

What should I do if I need a windscreen replacement?

If you choose Autoscreens, the process is simple and fast.

  1. If your vehicle is insured, get in touch with your insurance company and lodge a claim
  2. Keep a note of your claim number as you will need to provide it to the technician
  3. Contact Jason or Xavier at Autoscreens to set-up a convenient time and place (at home, at your work etc). We are fully mobile, so we come to you!
  4. Have the details of your vehicle handy (make, model and year). This ensures that we bring the right materials to the job
  5. Provide details of the damage (eg location, size and nature of the cracks/chips)
  6. Provide any other information which will help us get you safely back on the road as quickly as possible (eg are there any cameras attached to the windscreen? Any sensors etc.) It’s helpful to call us while you are standing next to the vehicle so we can get all the important information quickly.

How much does a windscreen replacement cost?

The cost depends on your insurance policy.

Most policies cover the full cost of a windscreen replacement with a small excess (which is usually around $100) and a claim generally doesn’t affect your claims history. We have good relationships with all major insurance companies and bill them directly, so the process is simple and easy.

If you don’t have motor insurance, get in touch with us by calling 0400 200 086 or use our enquiry form to get a competitive quote. The cost can vary depending on the age, make and model of the vehicle, but we will always find the best price for you.

What happens on the day of the windscreen replacement?

Jason and Xavier are fully trained and accredited mobile autoglass technicians with over 30 years’ experience between them. They will do your job in the fastest time possible, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

  • Ideally, the car should be undercover
  • We inspect the car fully to assess the damage
  • There’s no need for access to power and we provide all our own industry-best materials, safety gear etc
  • We remove the rubber trim around the windscreen
  • The area is cleaned thoroughly (all dust, leaves, grime etc are removed)
  • New sealant and primer is applied
  • The glass is then placed carefully into the space, moulded and settled into the urethane and aligned correctly
  • We then put new trim in place and secure the glass with temporary non-marking adhesive tape

Do’s and Don’ts after a windscreen replacement

✓ Do wait at least an hour for the adhesive to dry before driving the vehicle
✓ Do keep the temporary adhesive tape in place for a day or two
✓ Do keep a side window slightly open for the first 24 hours
✓ Don’t drive on severely corrugated roads for the first 24 hours
✓ Don’t visit the car wash or use a high-pressure hose on your new windscreen for the first 48 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?
We service the greater Perth metropolitan area from Two Rocks to Mandurah.
Do you offer a mobile service?
Yes, Jason or Xavier have their own vans and will do your windscreen replacement at a time and place that suits you.
What warranties do you offer?
All our work has a lifetime warranty.
Are you an accredited repairer?
Both Jason and his son, Xavier are fully qualified autoglass technicians and Autoscreens is an licenced autoglass repairer.
Do you use genuine products?
All the products and materials we use are of the highest quality and industry approved.
Do you service all types of vehicles?

We do windscreen repairs and replacements on all makes and models of vehicles including trucks and heavy vehicles, 4WDs, luxury cars and sports cars. We also work with an extensive network of motor dealerships and accident repairers.

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