8 Things You Need To Do Before You Set Off On A Grey Nomad Adventure

8 Things You Need To Do Before You Set Off On A Grey Nomad Adventure

Travelling around the country as a Grey Nomad can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Whether you are planning a seasonal trip to the north to evade the winter, a short holiday excursion or are exploring Australia for the foreseeable future, you should plan your travels ahead of time to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. To help you prepare, take a look at our top 8 things to do before you set off on your adventure

Plan the route

There are several things you should consider before you hit the road. You don’t have to always stick to a strict itinerary, but it is good to plan the basic route, where you would like to stop, where you can fuel up and the attractions you want to see on the way.

Update your maps

If you are using a GPS device to get you to your destination, make sure that you have updated it to the latest maps before you go. You can also buy a hardcopy map to make planning easier by giving you a bigger view of your trip, and use as a backup should technology ever let you down.

Get insurance

Your car, trailer or caravan is worth a lot and any damages to it whether by accident, fire, theft, storms or any other issues out of your control can be a major financial problem.  Make sure your possessions on the road and back home are adequately covered. Also check that you are fully insured medically, should you require any medical treatment during the trip.

Look after your health

It’s always a good idea to take care of any health issues before you travel. Schedule a health check with your doctor and organise advanced prescriptions if needed. Pack a first aid kit, any medicine you may need and copies of your prescriptions.

Stay connected

You may see this trip as a way to get away from technology and noisy day-to-day life. But technology has its upsides and can keep you connected and safe on a long trip. Save important contact information and emergency service numbers on your phone, and pack a tablet or laptop for keeping in touch with loved ones, booking and travel services, and even diarising your trip. Don’t forget to pack the chargers!

Prepare your vehicle

You can avoid most, if not all, breakdowns or car issues, by ensuring that your car is serviced and in a good condition before you depart. Check the water and oil, tires, lights, breaks and windscreen wipers. Also check the windscreen and mirrors for cracks or chips which you should fix before you go.

Don’t forget the entertainment

Long trips may become tedious and tiring if you haven’t packed enough items to keep you entertained.  What you take along really depends on your interest and hobbies, but can include music, audio books, a novel or two, a journal, games or puzzles.

Pack the camera

Digital cameras make it easy to capture and diarise your trip, and to share it with loved ones. Remember to pack your camera, memory cards, batteries, charger and accessories such as a mini tripod. Also consider investing in a portable hard drive on which to back your photos up.

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