Chipped windscreen? Should you repair or replace?

Chipped windscreen? Should you repair or replace?

It’s the first question that people ask when they get a chip on their vehicle’s windscreen – should I have the chip repaired or should I replace the whole windscreen?

It’s a question that is best answered by professionals who with their trained eye, can quickly assess the damage from all angles and make an informed decision.  In the majority of instances however, the best course of action is to repair rather than replace – and in fact, many windscreen repairers operate on this principle.

Of course, there are factors that influence the decision – not least of all insurance considerations and those will vary depending on the level of cover, excess payable and so on.  However, if you have a chipped windscreen and are wondering whether you should repair or replace it, you may find the following points helpful in determining the best way forward.

Speed matters

A seemingly innocuous chip can quickly spread into more significant damage and dirt and dust can work its way into the chipped area which can lead to further problems.  If a stone does hit your windscreen or you notice a chip – have it seen by a professional windscreen repairer as soon as possible.

Size counts

The choice between windscreen repair or windscreen replacement depends largely on the size of the damage.  As a rule of thumb, any chip larger than a dollar coin (around 15mm wide) will generally be too large to repair and the repair shop will recommend a replacement.


The location of the chip is a crucial determinant of whether to repair or replace.  If it’s in the driver’s line of vision (bear in mind this can vary depending on the height of the driver) which is generally centred on the steering wheel and covers an area about 30cm wide, then the slight distortion in the glass that can be left by a repair job may decrease the windscreen’s clarity and compromise visibility.

It’s also important to remember that the windscreen provides structural support for the vehicle so if the chip is very close to the edge, it may compromise the integrity of the windscreen and jeopardise the safety of the passengers.  Usually, if the chip is more than 5cm from the edge, it will be OK to repair, but a professional windscreen repairer will assess the chip from all angles and make an informed decision.

Windscreen repair technology has improved hugely in recent times and a professional windscreen repairer can generally fix the damage in under an hour – even in the comfort of your own home.

If you’ve got a chipped windscreen and are wondering whether it can be fixed or whether you need to go the full replacement route, then Windscreen Replacement Perth are leaders in windscreen repair in Perth can help.  If you call 0400 200 086 or visit their website you’ll be assisted by a technician with the highest qualifications required by the industry who will do a thorough assessment of the situation and evaluate all the factors before recommending the best option for you. Remember however, if you do spot some damage, get it assessed immediately to prevent further damage and avoid what could potentially be a more costly solution.

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