Get Your Car Serviced Before Going On Holidays

Get Your Car Serviced Before Going On Holidays

When planning for a family holiday, a few things come to mind when writing a “to do” list. Book the accommodation, organise activities, travel insurance and make sure you don’t forget to pack the necessities. One of the last things that comes to mind is when your car was last serviced or that little chip on your car’s windscreen.

With an increased number of drivers on the road over holiday periods, it’s important to make sure that your family is in safe hands. Whether staying at home or travelling, you want to make sure that your car has been checked to ensure that it is at its peak performance before hitting the road.  Here are some things to consider when deciding if you should service your car.


Make sure that any problems are picked up and addressed to ensure a safe and reliable car for your journey. During the service, an auto service technician will examine your vehicle to check areas of your car that you might not normally attend to. For example, while many people are mindful of the tread on their tyres, they may forget to make sure that their shock absorbers or brake pads aren’t worn.

Fuel efficiency

A car that has recently been serviced will be operating at maximum efficiency allowing you to spend less on fuel and more on making your holiday memorable. While you can do things like ensure your tyre pressure is correct, an auto service technician can check your air and fuel filters. These can greatly influence how your car uses fuel and how often you need to fill up.


Ensuring your car is up to date with its regular services means your vehicle warranty remains valid if something doesn’t go according to plan. In addition to making sure you’re covered if something goes wrong, check to see if you’re covered for road side assistance and save these important details to your mobile phone.


Clean all the car windows and mirrors properly to ensure good visibility and carefully examine them for any chips and cracks. If there are any issues, especially when it comes to windscreens, it is wise let a professional repair and replace the glass if necessary.

When deciding when to service your car, always check the guidelines in your service plan. You may need a full service or an interim service.  If you are concerned about a chip on your windscreen or know that your windscreen needs replacing, then you should contact a trusted windscreen and car glass fitter before it becomes a major issue. Windscreen Replacement Perth, is a family run windscreen replacement business in Perth. Owned and operated by Jason Squire who has over 25 years of automotive experience and the highest industry qualifications and certified licences, it is no wonder that Windscreen Replacement Perth is the first choice in automotive glass fitting for many businesses and individuals in and around the city. For more information on his mobile car glass replacement and windscreen chip repair services call the 24-hour hotline on 0400 200 086 or visit the website.

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