Got A Broken Side Window?

Got A Broken Side Window?

When you think about autoglass, you probably don’t even think about your side windows.

Trouble is, side windows can also be damaged but unlike your windscreen, they can’t usually be repaired.  Replacement is generally the only option.

There are some fundamental differences between your vehicle’s side windows and the windscreen, so have a read through the following to see what you should do if you notice any damage to your side window.

What’s the difference between side windows and the windscreen?

It’s all about the glass.  The glass in your side and rear windows undergoes a manufacturing process called tempering (which involves heating the glass to extremely high temperatures) and is specially designed to disintegrate into small cubes not sharp shards in the event of an accident or impact to prevent serious injury.  On the other hand, your vehicle’s windscreen is made from a more resistant laminated material, and comprises two glass layers sandwiched around a thin plastic interlayer.

What should I do if my side window is damaged?

As you would if you noticed any cracks, chips or damage to your windscreen, you should have your vehicle examined by a professional as soon as possible.  Any delays could compromise your safety.

Is it possible to repair a side window?

Unfortunately, if there is damage to your vehicle’s side window, it is likely to need replacing.  Unlike the laminated glass of windscreens, the tempered glass in the side windows won’t withstand a repair.  As mentioned earlier, this type of glass is designed to shatter on impact and any attempt at repairs may weaken the glass.

What happens during a side window replacement?

An autoglass repairer can replace your side window glass quickly and easily.  They will use a powerful vacuum to remove any shattered glass from the vehicle, and carefully fit your new side window so that it opens and closes properly.  It’s always best to consult a reputable windscreen repair company so that you know you’re getting trusted expertise and the highest quality materials which meet safety standards.

What can I do to protect my car’s side windows?

Accidents happen but if you drive carefully and take proper precautions, you can minimise the likelihood of your side windows being damaged.  Maintain a safe following and overtaking distance to help avoid gravel flying up and try and keep your vehicle under cover in extreme weather so that you’re protected from hail and falling debris.  Parking your vehicle in a locked garage at night and not leaving valuables in plain sight in your car will deter thieves from tampering with your windows and damaging them.

Autoscreens has over 15 years’ experience in quality, affordable windscreen repairs and replacement in Perth and can advise customers on any aspect of automotive glazing.  They’re available 24/7 and offer a fast, friendly mobile service to Perth metro and rural areas, so if you find yourself with a damaged side window, get in touch with Jason on 0400 200 086 or via the website.

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