How To Look After Your Windscreen

How To Look After Your Windscreen

Most of us treat our cars with love and respect.  We service them regularly, wash them, polish them, clean the upholstery, vacuum the carpets, wipe the consoles and clean out any rubbish.   But despite all this TLC, many of us neglect one of the most important components – the windscreen.

Your windscreen plays a crucial role in the structural integrity of your vehicle and its performance and safety (and the safety of the driver, passenger and other road users) is inextricably linked to the condition of the windscreen.  If it’s dirty or damaged in any way, things could get very serious.

That’s why you should inspect your windscreen regularly to make sure it’s in peak condition and able to do its important job properly – but don’t be put off by what may seem like an onerous task.  It’s actually surprisingly quick and easy to take care of your windscreen and you’ll be doing yourself – and any precious cargo that you’re carrying in your car – a huge favour.

Simply follow these five easy steps to windscreen health:

  1. Inspect your windscreen regularly. Most of us check regularly for scratches or dents to the body and bumpers of our cars, but we also need to check for any signs of damage or wear and tear to our windscreen glass as well as the surrounds.
  2. Repair any damage ASAP. A small chip or crack can generally be fixed quickly and easily, leaving the glass virtually as good as new, but if it’s left unattended, it can spread and worsen which may ultimately lead to a full windscreen replacement.
  3. Keep the glass clean. Experts tell us that it only takes five attempts to form a habit, so why not try cleaning the outside of your windscreen with a soft, damp cloth every day for a week (just to make sure) to establish a daily cleaning routine.  It’ll only take you a minute or two to wipe down for crystal clear glass – and you’ll have a daily habit that’ll stand you in good stead.  If you notice a build-up of dust or grime, you may need to use a special glass cleaning product to dislodge stubborn dirt, but remember to avoid using abrasive materials (like steel wool or very hard brushes) as these can scratch the surface.
  4. Clean the inside of the glass regularly. Ideally, you should do this once a week as it can become oily and grimy, which can affect the clarity and impair your vision.
  5. Be mindful of how and where you are driving. Flying stones or debris can chip or crack the glass and whilst most of these are unavoidable, responsible and careful driving can make a difference.

You should always:

  • Maintain an extra following distance when travelling behind a truck carrying loose material
  • Keep well behind other vehicles when driving on unsealed or gravel roads
  • In the event of a hailstorm, try and park under cover until the weather improves.

Sticking to a ‘windscreen health’ routine may seem like a bit of a chore at first, but it should become second nature after a short while and will pay dividends.  Windscreens play such an important role in the safety, comfort and performance of our cars that it is worth looking after them properly to ensure they are in peak condition.

The most important thing to remember is that any damage should be evaluated by a professional as soon as possible.  Windscreen repairs can generally be done quickly and cost-effectively on site at your premises, so you won’t be inconvenienced in any way.

For expert advice, personal service and fully guaranteed workmanship, call Jason at Autoscreens on 0400 200 086. They offer a mobile service for windscreen repairs and replacements in Perth as well as an emergency service 24/7 and are approved repairers for all insurance companies.

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