How To Protect Your Newly Replaced Windscreen

How To Protect Your Newly Replaced Windscreen

If you’ve just had your windscreen replaced, you really don’t want to have to go through the whole process again in a hurry – especially if the damage wasn’t your fault.

Your windscreen is also more than a glass screen.  It plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the car, protecting you and your passengers in the event of an accident – so if you’ve just had a brand new one installed, it’s really important to look after it properly.

The first few hours and days after installation are the most critical – so we’ve outlined some simple guidelines to ensure that your new windscreen will remain in good condition and perform its job properly.

Check on the quality of the new windscreen and the workmanship

No doubt you would have done some research and found a reputable windscreen replacement professional to do the job, but it’s always advisable to do your own inspection on completion of the job.  The glass should look smooth and unblemished without any waves or distortions on the surface and there shouldn’t be any bumps or gaps in the moulding either. 

Another sign that the windscreen hasn’t been replaced correctly is if you can hear a dull ‘whoosh’ or whistling sound from your car’s windshield while driving.  If there is a problem, you’ll notice this sound particularly when you drive over an uneven surface like a speed hump or drive at high speeds.

But – and this is a big but – you can’t take your car for a test drive at speed for at least 24 hours after the new windscreen has been installed.  You need to treat your vehicle gently for the first two days to give the adhesive time to cure and harden properly and form a watertight seal.  Even a small bump in the road can cause the new windscreen to shift, so take care and make sure the product and the workmanship are under warranty.

Make sure the paperwork is in order

This may sound a bit old-fashioned, but it’s worth checking that you have the appropriate paperwork with the product details, warranty conditions and receipts.  It may also be a good time to check your insurance policy details to make sure you are fully covered going forward.

Avoid washing the car for a few days

It’s your bad luck if you need to have your car washed in the first few days after it’s had a windscreen replacement because you’ll have to do it by hand!  Automatic or high pressure car washes and the detergents used can damage the new mouldings and cause the glass to shift.

Keep the area around the new autoglass clear

It’s important to keep the area around the new windscreen completely clear so that nothing presses up against the new glass. Keep the dashboard free of clutter (sunglasses etc) and avoid using a sunshade for the first few days so that the seals and adhesive can set properly and evenly.

Leave a window open for the first 24 hours

Extreme temperatures inside a car can put undue pressure on the seal around the windscreen as it dries, so it’s best to leave a window open (a two-centimetre gap is fine) for the first 24 hours after installation.  Obviously, this may be tricky if your vehicle isn’t parked in a secure area, but it’s a good idea to make a plan if possible.

Go gently

The first 24-36 hours following a windscreen replacement are the most critical for the longevity of your replaced windscreen, so go gently with your vehicle.  Don’t slam doors, avoid driving at high speeds and keep off roads which have uneven surfaces (eg unsealed roads, roads under construction and roads that are in poor condition with pot holes).

With a little attention, you can ensure that your new windscreen gets the best possible start to its new life.   And remember, to extend the longevity of your autoglass, be sure to have any damage repaired as soon as possible and only have your windscreen repairs or replacements done by a reputable operator.

If you’re in need of a windscreen replacement in Perth or want expert advice on whether you need a full replacement or a simple windscreen repair, talk to the professionals at Autoscreens.  They are a 24/7 mobile service with over 20 years’ experience and you can find them on 0400 200 086

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