Shedding Light On Window Tinting

Shedding Light On Window Tinting

Love them or loathe them, tinted car windows are a modern reality and it seems there is more to these shady shields that meets the eye.

Following the launch of the first window tint from 3M in 1966, new technologies have continually been developed and there is now a wide range of advanced products to choose from that offer a variety of benefits.

First of all, let’s look at what window tinting actually is.

Contrary to what many people think, window tints aren’t about the colour of the glass of the car windows or windscreen, but in fact comprise a thin film or laminate which is applied to the interior surface of the glass.  These films are usually made from polyester and can be enhanced with a range of embedded or surface treatments such as metal or ceramic particles which broaden the range of properties and the aesthetics of the products.

Window tinting is generally done by professionals including specialist windscreen repair companies but if you choose to go the DIY route, you should be aware of the implications around quality and warranty issues.

Now let’s look at why people choose to tint their car windows.

A primary reason for window tinting is of course, aesthetics and there are plenty of examples of motor enthusiasts ‘dressing-up’ their prized possessions.

Aside from looks however, there are many positive practical reasons for automotive window tints.

Minimises harmful effects of the sun.

Much of the sun’s radiation and heat energy is reflected by a window tint, so the driver and passengers are protected from harmful UV rays.  Tints also protect the seats and interiors from fading and cracking as a result of sun damage, so your vehicle is likely to hold its value for longer and look good too.

Reduced internal temperatures. 

Car window tinting can also block a substantial amount of the sun’s heat (some say up to 62%), so you get a more comfortable ride in the warmer months.  And because the vehicle’s internal temperature is lower, there’s no need to crank up the airconditioning so you can save on fuel costs too.

Glare reduction

The glare from outside is significantly reduced (with some tint products claiming a reduction of over 80%) which reduces the likelihood of eye fatigue and improves driver safety and comfort.

Retains heat in cooler months

Window film can prevent some of the heat energy from escaping which means less reliance on your car’s heater and greater fuel efficiencies.

Enhanced safety and security

When adhesive safety and security films are applied to the vehicle’s windscreen or windows, they can help prevent the glass from shattering in the event of an accident or damage from a strong impact.

Modern car windscreens are generally made up of two sheets of clear, tempered safety glass with a poly-vinyl butyral layer (plastic) sandwiched in between.  Whilst the windscreen may chip or crack when hit by small objects such as stones or gravel, this layered design prevents it from shattering completely and makes it much safer and more durable.

That said, any crack or chip should be seen by a professional windscreen repairer as soon as possible because in most instances, these are easily fixed with minimum fuss or cost.  If they are left unattended however, they may expand and worsen, putting everyone’s safety at risk.   Car window tinting won’t prevent windscreen damage but it can provide an added layer of durability and scratch protection.

For professional windscreen repairs, you should get in touch with Jason at one of the most trusted and experienced windscreen repairers in Perth, Autoscreens.   Our family owned and operated business has been doing quality windscreen repairs in Perth for over 20 years and with our 24/7 support, mobile service and lifetime guarantee on work, we have garnered an enviable reputation for well-priced, quality windscreen replacement and repairs.   For a fast quote or an appointment, call  us on 0400 200 086

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