The Dangers Of Poorly Fitted Windscreens

The Dangers Of Poorly Fitted Windscreens

Incorrectly fitted windscreens are dangerous and if you’re concerned about your own safety and the safety of your passengers, you should read this.

Most of us tend to think that the only time that windscreen safety may be compromised is when they’re cracked or chipped or when they’re so dirty that visibility is impaired – but the reality is that incorrect installation can be life-threatening.

Let’s look at the risks of a poorly fitted windscreen:

  1. Auto glass plays a key role in the structural strength and handling characteristics of a passenger vehicle, contributing up to 34% of the vehicle’s stiffness. The frame is specially designed and constructed to help prevent the metal frame of the vehicle from collapsing, so if it isn’t fitted properly, it is very likely to compromise the safety of the car’s occupants.
  2. In the event of an accident or impact, the windscreen is designed to keep passengers in the vehicle. The risk of serious or fatal injury is said to increase by between 3 and 40 times when passengers are ejected from a vehicle as a result of a collision compared to when they are retained in the car* – figures which starkly highlight the dangers of an improperly fitted windscreen which may not stay in place as a result of the impact.
  3. If the windscreen comes out of the vehicle during a roll-over, the likelihood of the roof of the vehicle being displaced towards the occupants can increase by up to 30%.
  4. Airbags are vital car safety features which stop the vehicle’s occupants from colliding with hard portions of the car in the event of a crash. Without the cushioning support of the airbags, you will collide with the steering wheel, the dashboard, the windscreen etc.  The windscreen helps to ensure that the airbag is correctly positioned when it inflates (which it does very quickly and forcefully) and that it inflates in the right direction.  These are critical factors in helping to prevent severe injuries.  If the windscreen isn’t fitted properly and pops out during an accident as a result of the considerable pressure from the airbag – it will completely negate the safety aspects of both the airbag and the windscreen.
  5. If you have an accident involving a pedestrian, the risk of injury to the driver, passengers and the pedestrian will increase if your vehicle’s windscreen isn’t properly bonded and is displaced on impact.

It’s obvious that the implications of having a windscreen that hasn’t been properly installed are serious and even life-threatening.

Luckily, there are laws in Australia designed to protect people’s safety in cars and on the roads and only licensed repairers are legally allowed to carry out windscreen repairs and replacements.  Any material used, including the glazing adhesive as well as any work that is done have to comply with strict standards – but it is always worth double-checking the credentials and reputation of the person or company doing your windscreen repair or replacement to ensure that you’re not compromising your safety in any way.

So, if you need your windscreen repaired or replaced, don’t delay as you may be at risk.  Call the experts, Autoscreens and get fast, professional, mobile service at a great price.  For 24 hour windscreen repair and replacement in Perth, call Jason on 0400 200 086

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