Warning: Your Windscreen, Hot Weather and Cracks

Warning: Your Windscreen, Hot Weather and Cracks

With the summer upon us, there are many seasonal tasks that need to be performed on your vehicle. For one, you’ll find yourself having to wash it more often as you’ll have far more dead bugs stuck on it than you experienced during the winter time.  Keeping your car clean will prevent the paint from deteriorating and this can only be of benefit not only to your vehicle but its eventual resale price.

Another very important task is to repair any windscreen chips that you may have. The reason why you need to attend to this at this time of year is that cracks can appear out of windscreen chips in the hot weather. I don’t know about you, but I’d far rather pay to have a chip fixed up with the specially engineered resin to stop it spreading, than I would pay out for a whole new windscreen.

Cracks are nasty. Once they start to spread, they’re hard to stop. They just keep creeping across your windscreen like one of those exasperating weeds that tries to take over your lawn. They’ll start off so small that you can hardly see them and before you know it, you’ve been pulled over by a policeman for not having maintained the integrity of your vehicle.

The best piece of advice that I can give you is to get into the habit of checking your windscreen every time you get into the vehicle before you drive away. You need to look for chips and cracks so that you can stop them in their tracks before they cost you a lot of time, money and bother.

It’s far cheaper to repair chips and cracks in their early stages than to wait and have to deal with the bill of a whole new windscreen replacement.

If you’ve spotted a chip or the beginning of a crack, come in to see us today and save yourself some future trouble.

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