Why the ‘Licenced Repairer Tick’ Campaign Gets A Big Tick

Why the ‘Licenced Repairer Tick’ Campaign Gets A Big Tick

Do you think Australia is over-regulated?

There are critics who say that progress and business growth in this country is being hampered by too much red tape, but few can argue that there are some industries where regulation is a good thing – particularly when it comes to protecting consumer interests.

The motor vehicle repair industry is one such industry where regulation is generally welcomed, particularly given that it has a reputation for not always acting in the consumer’s best interests.  That said however, not all motor vehicle repairers can be tarred with the same brush and there are many companies out there that operate according to genuine principles of integrity, fairness and transparency.

One piece of red tape in West Australia that has been welcomed by motorists and businesses alike is the Consumer Protection WA’s ‘Licenced Repairer Tick’ campaign.  Any motor vehicle repair business – including windscreen repair companies – that hold a valid motor vehicle repair business licence can display the ‘Licenced Repairer Tick’ logo on their website, advertising or other marketing material.  The licence is approved by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection and is only issued if the business owner or the employees that will be supervising the various classes of repair work are certified repairers – and that the premises, fixed or mobile, have been authorised.

That may sound long-winded, but the short answer is that when motorists see the distinctive yellow and black logo, they have peace-of-mind that the company they are entrusting their vehicle’s repairs to has fulfilled the extensive requirements of the official licence.

For more information, you should visit the Consumer Protection WA website, where you’ll find some very useful tips on how to choose a motor vehicle repairer, including two most important suggestions, notably that people should:

  • find out if the business holds a repair business licence by doing a licence search, and
  • ensure sure the repair work will be carried out or supervised by a certified repairer.

It’s never good news when your vehicle has to go in for repairs, but the ‘Licenced Repairer Tick’ Campaign does make the process of choosing a supplier a little easier.  If you’re on the lookout for a motor vehicle repairer or windscreen replacement firm in Perth and you want to see what the logo looks like, speak to the experts Windscreen Replacement Perth.

They are an established windscreen repairer in Perth with over 15 years’ industry experience and proudly display the black and yellow logo on their website by virtue of their Motor Vehicle Repairers Business License MRB 3703.  Autoscreens Automotive Glass is also a Member of the Motor Trades Association of Western Australia and the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers and are able to advise customers on all aspects of automotive glazing and windscreen replacement and repair.

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