Get Your Windscreen Fixed Before You Go On Holiday

Get Your Windscreen Fixed Before You Go On Holiday

There are always a million things to sort out before setting off on holiday – and fixing a tiny chip on your car’s windscreen probably doesn’t feature very highly on your ‘to-do’ list.   But it most definitely should – and there are many reasons why.

As everyone knows, a tiny chip can usually be repaired quickly and easily, leaving the windscreen as good as new.   However, if the chip is left unrepaired, lots of factors come into play which can cause the damage to spread – sometimes even leading to an entire windscreen replacement.  And that’s the very last thing you need when you’re having a relaxing holiday!

Let’s look at some of the factors that can cause problems with a chipped windscreen while you’re on holiday.  Firstly – there’s vibration.  If you’re the adventurous type, you’re probably going to be doing some exploring along bumpy roads, and whilst the pristine white beach at the end of the dirt track may be breathtaking, driving on the uneven surface can cause any existing damage to spread.

Extreme temperatures can also put extra stress on your windscreen, and as many holiday destinations don’t have covered parking garages, we can end up leaving our vehicles in the baking sun or in the winter freeze for extended periods of time.   Large temperature changes can also cause a chip to worsen and spread.

Moisture and dirt are two other factors that can exacerbate the problem.  A windscreen is made from two layers of laminated glass held together by a vinyl interlayer, and if moisture or dirt penetrate into that inner layer, the whole structural integrity of the windscreen can be compromised – and you could go from having a tiny chip that could have easily been fixed to needing your entire windscreen replaced.

And perhaps the most important factor of all is that holidays are meant to be an opportunity for well-earned rest and relaxation – and no-one wants their downtime interrupted by having to organise a windscreen repair or a complete windscreen replacement.   And if you’re planning on going on holiday to a remote destination, there’s also the issue of accessibility to a windscreen repair company to consider.

So, if you’re planning a holiday and you have a small chip on your windscreen – it makes so much sense to sort it out before you leave.  And as the professionals at Windscreen Replacement Perth, specialise in windscreen repair in Perth say, repairing is often desirable because it retains the original factory installation of the windscreen and can be done quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

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