Autoscreens: The Local Solution for Prestige Car Windscreen Repairs in Perth

Autoscreens: The Local Solution for Prestige Car Windscreen Repairs in Perth

If you drive a premium European vehicle, such as a BMW, Mercedes or Porsche, you already know how much these differ from the Asian or US-produced models more normally seen on Aussie roads. You also won’t need to be told that such a ride is well-deserving of specialist servicing and care.

The same applies to the glass. If you need, for example, a BMW windscreen replacement or repair, then you certainly don’t want an inexperienced provider getting their mitts on your ride’s sleek curves…

Enter Autoscreens – your friendly vehicle glass and windscreen replacement professionals with years of practice working with some of the best European marques.

Let’s Talk European: Premier Vehicle Windscreen Replacement and Repair

First up, why should you care who fits your Porsche’s new windscreen? (Feel free to replace ‘Porsche’ with any other top-end European vehicle brand).

The answer is simple… Because every car maker uses slightly different glass and windscreen technology. And, due to the distance of transporting vehicles from Europe to our sunny shores (and the related expense), there are fewer of them rolling up and down the Aussie highways. If you’re the proud owner of, for example, a sleek Mercedes, or maybe you rock the rugged Land Rover vibe, then you’ve probably already sought out a specialist mechanic/service provider.

In addition to the engine and other dynamic car parts, you should also apply the same TLC to the vehicle’s physical structure.

This is where Autoscreens enter the picture.

There are so many reasons why we’re the go-to windscreen and autoglass replacement and repair service for those with premier European vehicles.

  1. Jason, the owner and founder, is probably the most experienced provider in WA: And we don’t say this lightly. As a Brit who qualified in the UK and worked in various vehicle-related industries for decades, this is a man who has honed his craft working on virtually every European vehicle you can think of. Add in his military vehicle experience, his years working as a windscreen technician for the RAC (one of the largest repair services in the UK – akin to the AAA), plus his specialist training directly on such prestige marques, and you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone better qualified to work on your beloved ride.
  2. We can replace windscreens on any age vehicle: Whether you drive a cherished vintage VW or the latest Audi, BMW, Merc or Porsche, we’re the trusted licensed repair and replacement service for Perth and the wider WA region.
  3. We’re family owned and run: When you call on Autoscreens, you’re guaranteed to that your windscreen replacement will be carried out by either Jason or Xavier, a highly experienced father-son team who strive to provide the ultimate servicing that you only get from those who’re truly vested into the ongoing success of a business.
  4. Because we come to you: Your home, place of work, side of the road… We’ll get your windscreen replaced or repaired in the shortest time to minimise any inconvenience to you.
  5. We offer the best value for money: Check out our Google reviews, where affordability is oft-mentioned (along with our outstanding comms, fast service, expertise, to name a few…). And, if your repair or replacement is covered by insurance, then we can usually bill them directly.

Whether you need a repair or replacement windscreen for your BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Porsche, Land Rover or any other high-end European vehicle, there’s no better company to call.

Get in contact today and see for yourself why we’re fast becoming Perth’s favoured windscreen repair service.

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