The 1, 2, 3 of Insurance Windscreen Repairs – Courtesy of Autoscreens

The 1, 2, 3 of Insurance Windscreen Repairs – Courtesy of Autoscreens

Flick, flick, chip… Virtually every driver has experienced the annoyance of a stone or rock pinging into the windscreen. Unless the projectile is exceptionally large (or you’re unlucky) it tends to result in a stone chip, rather than the glass shattering completely. But once that chip is there it can cause all sorts of issues. Thankfully, a timely windscreen repair is easier than you think…

1: Assess the windscreen damage

The problem with windscreen chips is that they rarely remain the same size. Even the tiniest creates a weakness in the integrity of the glass. They also have a nasty habit of becoming larger. Web-like cracks stretch out from the original chip that can, eventually, cause the whole screen to shatter. Depending on the location, a stone chip can also impair your driving view (and invalidate your insurance).

There are many reasons for getting a chip repaired at the earliest opportunity:

  • A good repair is virtually invisible.
  • It restores the structural integrity of the windscreen. This pane of glass provides vital support to the frame of the vehicle, helping to prevent roof collapse in the event of an accident.
  • Most comprehensive car insurance policies cover the cost of the work.

2: Call Your insurance provider and get a claim number

This is probably the most time-intensive element of getting your windscreen fixed. But many insurers, such as the RAC, also let you lodge a claim online – something that’s often much quicker than getting stuck in a phone queue. It’s much cheaper to have a windscreen chip repaired than to replace a shattered windscreen, which is why insurers are happy to pay out for such a service.

While insurers, like the RAC, have a list of preferred suppliers, you don’t have to simply accept their provider. You’re free to choose your own company – and this is where the beauty of supporting a local business with decades of experience is so simple.

3: Call Autoscreens and benefit from the ultimate local service

The beauty of being the leading windscreen repair and replacement service in Perth is that we combine the personal touch with making life simple for our customers. Once you call us with your claim number you hand all the logistics over to us.

We’ll arrange a suitable time for either Jason or Xavier to come out to do the work – it can be at your home, place of work or wherever is convenient. Once the job is complete – it won’t take long – we get paid directly by the insurance company. And that’s it! Easy peasy…

Reasons to “Shop Local”

There are many advantages to choosing an independent business for your windscreen repair.

  • Benefit from a proven, trusted provider: Autoscreens repairs are all carried out by the highly experienced father and son team, Jason and Xavier.
  • Workmanship you can rely on: Rest assured that every Autoscreens repair or replacement is carried out to the highest possible standards.
  • You’ll be supporting the local economy: Using a smaller, trusted provider like Autoscreens isn’t just about supporting local business, you also benefit from the personalised touch. As a family business, every member of the team is invested in giving our customers 100% at every stage. From the moment you speak to Office Manager, Dawn, to when either Jason or Xavier completes the work, you’ll be in great hands every step of the way.

We can help you through the entire insurance claim process (whether you’re with the RAC or anyone else). Don’t wait for that windscreen chip to get worse, contact us today and we’ll get it fixed in a jiffy…

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