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The Dangers Of Poorly Fitted Windscreens

Incorrectly fitted windscreens are dangerous and if you’re concerned about your own safety and the safety of your passengers, you should read this. Most of us tend to think that the only time that windscreen safety may be compromised is when they’re cracked or chipped...

How To Survive Your Next Family Roadtrip

There’s nothing quite like a roadtrip. You can stop as often as you like, pack as much as your car boot can hold, and make spontaneous detours to see sights along the way. But when you take the kids with you, road trips require a little more planning to make sure...

Stress Cracks – What Are They?

There are many different types of windscreen cracks, most of which happen when an object hits the glass. However, many people aren’t aware that there’s actually another type of crack which occurs without anything impacting the windscreen.   This is called a stress...

Replace Your Cracked Windscreen Before Its Dangerously Too Late

Windscreen chips or cracks can happen for a variety of reasons. Gravel, sand or flying pebbles might be flicked up by trucks on a highway and hit your windscreen. You might encounter debris on the road, or you may run into a bird or a large bug. Whatever the cause,...

Ensure You Have A Clear Windscreen This Winter

The onset of winter necessitates a different approach to the way we go about cleaning (and clearing) our cars’ windscreens. Plummeting temperatures, rain, ice and even snow mean we have to do things differently in order to maintain good visibility and ensure we look...

Top 5 causes of windscreen damage

Anyone who’s ever discovered a chip in their windscreen or heard that sudden sound of something hitting the glass will know that sinking feeling of ‘oh no, please don’t let the damage be serious!’ The truth is – any damage to your car’s windscreen can be serious, even...

Shedding Light On Window Tinting

Love them or loathe them, tinted car windows are a modern reality and it seems there is more to these shady shields that meets the eye. Following the launch of the first window tint from 3M in 1966, new technologies have continually been developed and there is now a...

10 Things To Check On Your Car Before Your Next Road Trip

If you are planning a road trip you may be eager to just pack your bags and hit the road, but taking some time to make sure your car is in a good condition can save you a lot of trouble while on the road, and more importantly keep you and your family much safer....

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