Why Summer Heat Makes Windshield Cracks Expand

Why Summer Heat Makes Windshield Cracks Expand

Did you know that the intense heat of summer isn’t the only reason why windscreen cracks worsen in summer?  Temperature change is another culprit.

That’s because the combination of intense heat, direct sunlight and what we humans do to cool our cars down is hugely problematic for windscreens that are damaged.  Even the smallest chip or crack can spread quickly in hot weather as a result of sudden and dramatic temperature changes.

So, if your windscreen is damaged in any way, the arrival of warmer weather should send alarm bells.

To understand why this happens, let’s look at how a windscreen is made.

Modern windscreens comprise two sheets of safety glass with a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched in between.  These three pieces are laminated together by applying heat and pressure in a special oven called an autoclave to form a strong, protective material.

When there’s a chip or crack in the windscreen caused by a small object hitting it, usually only the outer layer is broken.

However, because glass expands with heat, any exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight can weaken the area where there is a chip or crack and the damage can worsen.   Very often, cracks get longer and spread – travelling across the glass to such an extent that a full windscreen replacement is necessary.

Summer heat is also problematic for damaged windscreens because of our human reaction to it.

When we get into a boiling hot car, the first thing we want to do is cool it down.  Understandably, we put the air conditioner on its lowest temperature setting and turn it on full blast.  But most of us don’t realise that the sudden blast of cold air onto the hot glass puts enormous stress onto the windscreen and if there’s a weak spot, there could be a problem.

Here’s what you should do in summer:

  • Put your car’s air conditioning on low to avoid any dramatic temperature change
  • Open the windows to circulate air and lower the internal temperature
  • Angle the vents downwards, away from the windscreen
  • Slow and steady gets the job done – gradually adjust the settings

Don’t delay getting your windscreen fixed just because summer’s here.  The hot weather can be bad news for your windscreen – and if you’ve noticed any signs of damage, chips or cracks, you really should have it sorted before the problem worsens.

Having your windscreen fixed is effortless.  Mobile repairers come to you – and you can get the job done quickly, at your convenience and your windscreen will be restored to its full capabilities.

Autoscreens offers a wide range of products and car windscreen services for private, insurance and corporate customers in Perth.

This summer, whether you’ve got minor damage and need simple windscreen repairs in Perth or need your shattered windscreen replaced, you can be confident that their team of experienced professionals will have it sorted in no time.  Contact us on 0400 200 086  to book an appointment for a fast, efficient and affordable windscreen repair or replacement in Perth.


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