Check Your Windscreen as You Do Your Oil

Check Your Windscreen as You Do Your Oil

Nearly every motorist is aware that every so often they need to check the level of their motor oil, the condition of tyres, wipers and the battery. However, what they don’t realise is that the windscreen is a vital component when it comes to their car. Not only is it an integral part of the vehicle strength but it’s something that will protect in moments of danger. If it has a crack then it won’t only weaken the strength of a vehicle but it could create serious visibility problems.

In this article we look at how to look after your windscreen so that you can extend its longevity.

Did you know that the hundreds of windscreens that are replaced on a daily basis are done so largely because their owner did not take care of them? Most of these windscreens have been damaged, but this damage could have been avoided by taking some simple actions on a regular basis.

It’s not very difficult to scratch the windscreen of a vehicle. Even having dirty or worn out wiper blades can cause quite serious damage. Unfortunately driving on roads can create dust and dirt build up on the wiper blade. Even small stones and grit can collect and then when you switch them on, they will scratch your glass. After a lot of scratching, it can be difficult to see out of the window, especially if there is sun or night light glare.

One of the best things that you can do on a monthly basis is to check that your wipers are in good condition and that the blades are properly installed. The majority of wiper arms are manufactured in metal, if blades are dislodged then that metal will rub against your glass and scratch it. If the scratches get too numerous, your only option is to replace the windscreen.

Even cleaning the glass can pose a hazard. You should only ever use warm soapy water or a window cleaner. Be sure that you do this with a soft cloth or sponge. Bugs and dirt can be difficult to remove at times, especially bugs that have been splattered at high speed. The best way to remove these is to soak the cloth in water and then lightly rub the area until you have removed the bug. Although it may take some serious elbow grease, you can rest assured that you won’t cause any damage to the windscreen glass.

If you are unlucky enough to experience damage from a stone chip, then bring your windscreen into us and we can insert a resin that has been engineered specially to fill the area and prevent the damage from expanding. This will ensure that the strength of the windscreen is retained.

Follow these tips and you will extend the life of your windscreen by many years. Stay safe.

If you need any help or advice you can contact Windscreen Replacement Perth

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