The Dangers Of Having A Cracked Windscreen

The Dangers Of Having A Cracked Windscreen

A crack or chip in your windscreen is annoying.  But is it dangerous?

A damaged windscreen is a nuisance and may not look great, but we’re not talking aesthetics here.  The truth is that continuing to drive when your windscreen has been damaged can be extremely risky.  And dangerous.

Your windscreen isn’t only there so that people can see where they’re driving.  It plays a hugely important role in maintaining the structural integrity of the car as well as protecting the people in the vehicle in the event of an impact.

Here’s why you shouldn’t drive with a cracked windscreen:

Greater risk of the roof caving in.

In the event of a roll-over, a structurally sound windshield helps to prevent the vehicle’s roof from caving in and potentially causing serious injury to passengers.  You could be putting lives at risk if you drive with a damaged windscreen because the vehicle’s in-built safety structures will be compromised.

Your car’s windscreen is important for impact dissipation.

In other words, when there’s a front-end collision, it transfers the force of the impact down to the chassis, helping to protect the passengers.

Impaired visibility.

A small chip or crack in the windscreen can spread quickly as a result of temperature changes, driving over bumpy roads etc.  Your view may then be obstructed and you may even have a blind spot as a result of a large crack.    Having an uninterrupted view of the road is one of the most important aspects of road safety, so you could be putting yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk if you continue to drive with a damaged windscreen.

Airbag issues.

Strange as it seems, there’s a link between the effectiveness of an airbag and the state of a windscreen.   If the glass has been weakened because it has a crack or chip in it, it may not be strong enough to support the impact of the airbag when it deploys.   The airbag may not be able to  its job properly because it wouldn’t get the ‘pushback’ or compression from the windscreen necessary for it to properly protect the person in the car.

A windscreens act as a barrier.

Should anyone not be wearing a seatbelt when the vehicle is involved in an accident, the windscreen can prevent them from being ejected.  However, if the glass is damaged, it may not be able to provide the necessary protection.

Clearly, a cracked or chipped windscreen is far more than just an annoying cosmetic issue.  There can be extremely serious consequences of continuing to drive when the glass has been compromised and it’s simply not worth taking the chance.  Especially when windscreen repairs and windscreen replacements can be done quickly, easily and in a location of your choice.

A windscreen needs to be fixed as soon as possible after a crack or chip has appeared in order to protect you and your passengers and keep them as safe as possible.

If you’re driving with a damaged windscreen, get in touch with Autoscreens.  They are one of the favourites for quality windscreen repairs in Perth and with their decades of experience and mobile 24/7 units, they can sort out any autoglass problem in no time at all – at your convenience.

Call our friendly team on 0400 200 086 or get in touch to book an appointment for a fast, efficient and affordable windscreen repair or replacement.

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