Three Common Windscreen Problems Faced by Drivers

Three Common Windscreen Problems Faced by Drivers

Most days, we just hop in our cars and off we go. We don’t worry about our windscreens as long as we can see clearly out of them, because generally there is no need to worry about them. But there are some circumstances where you need to have your windscreen replaced or repaired quickly to keep you safe while on the roads.

We’ve outlined three of the most common problems drivers face with their windscreens.

Chipped Windscreen

A chip on your windscreen may look like an insignificant issue, but it can pose more problems than just a small amount of minor damage. Even a small chip on a windscreen can turn into a large crack if you continue driving without getting it repaired. While it may not happen instantly, it can happen at any time, and the last thing you need is to be driving along and your windscreen suddenly cracks or shatters.

If you do notice a chip on your windscreen and can’t get to a repairer straight away, there are a couple of option to prevent further damage:

  • Call a mobile windscreen repairer to come to your home or office
  • Place a piece of clear tape over the chip – this will keep it protected against dirt and dust
  • Avoid parking in direct sunlight – the heat may cause the crack to expand further
  • Don’t use the defroster or air conditioner on high as this can put extra pressure on the crack
  • Avoid driving on bumpy and unsealed roads
  • Avoid washing your car

If the chip is in your line of sight, the best thing you can do is get it repaired straight away.

A professional windscreen repairer can repair the chip on your windscreen rather easily, and with a windscreen repairer that comes to you, you won’t need to worry about driving anywhere.

Cracked Windscreen

While a small chip poses a risk, a cracked windscreen is a much bigger issue. Although it doesn’t happen often, cracks are caused by a failure in the strength of the glass. This can occur through a chip not being repaired, through an object hitting the windscreen or through a car accident. There is a very real risk that if your windscreen cracks, every person in the car can be hit with pieces of broken glass. Event if the windscreen doesn’t break, a cracked windscreen will still hinder your view and create a distraction while you’re driving. This then creates risks for accidents.

When it comes to a cracked windscreen, your best option is to call a mobile windscreen repairer to your home or workplace. While some smaller cracks can be replaced, it is likely you will need the entire windscreen replaced. Your mobile technician will be able to run you through the possible options.

Scratched Glass

While a scratched windscreen isn’t as big of a risk of cracking, there is certainly a risk of distraction while you are driving. Most light scratches can be buffed or polished out without needing a professional, however, if the scratches are deep or there are a number of them on your windscreen, you are better off seeking a professional windscreen repairer who can buff out deep or plentiful scratches.

If you have noticed scratches appearing on your windscreen, it’s time to check your wiper blades. If the rubber on the blades is torn or nicked, not only will it struggle to wipe away excess water, but they can cause deep scratches on your windscreen. The major issue with these scratches is that they can reflect sunlight and headlight beams from traffic on the road right into your vision, distracting you from your driving. If the blades on your windscreen wipers are damaged, make sure you replace them as soon as possible to prevent further scratching.

If you’ve noticed a chip or a crack in your windscreen, Autoscreens can save you time by coming to you. We offer repairs and replacement on your windscreens or windows on your car in the Perth metro area, keeping you and your passengers safe while driving. Don’t risk driving with a chipped, cracked or scratched windscreen – get your windscreen repair or replacement now.

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