How to Avoid Hail Damage to Your Car

How to Avoid Hail Damage to Your Car

There’s no doubting that hail can really damage your car, and even the smallest of hail can do some minor damage by the way of dents to your car. While there are times you can be caught out with nowhere to go, there are some ways that you can minimise hail damage to your car 

Covered Parking

If you are driving, make your way to the closest underground or covered parking area. This may be a shopping centre, parking station or petrol station. If you are at home, move your car into your garage or under a cover such as a shade sail or roof.  

Don’t have access to a covered parking area? While there may not be a lot you can do if you are out and about, if you are at home, covering your car with blankets, doona or hail car cover can help minimise the damage to your car. If you are stuck out on the roads, in a pinch you can use your floor mats over your windscreen to provide some protection.  

It is advised that if the hail is large or you risk getting hit by hail getting out of your car or going to your car to cover it, you may be best to bunker down 

Check the Weather Forecast

Many people have been caught out in hail by not checking a weather forecast. While it may look sunny and cloud-free in the morning, this can change quickly. If it is forecasted to hail or storm that day, look at either delaying your travel, getting out before the storm is expected to help, or take another form of transport. 

Ensure You Have Insurance

Hail damage can be expensive to fix, and if there are several vehicles in your area hit by hail, repairs could take some time. Having comprehensive insurance means that your vehicle is covered for repairs from hail damage, and if your car happens to sustain major damage and is written off, you can be reasonably confident that your car will be paid out at either market or agreed value, whichever option you chose.  

For the small additional amount a year, you may like to consider including a hire car option in your insurance – this gives you the benefit of having transport while your car is being repaired.  

Keep a Blanket or Towel in Your Car

It is understandable that sometimes you will be caught out in a hailstorm and be unable to cover your car. While you may not be able to protect your car in this circumstance, you can certainly protect yourself. Stop driving and pull over somewhere safe, move your seat as far back as possible taking you away from the windscreen, and cover yourself with a blanket or towel in case your windscreen smashes. If you have small children in the car, you may like to move to the back of the car and cover them as well on the odd chance a side or back window is damaged by hail. 

Stay Clear of Potential Debris

While it may make sense to be under whatever cover you can find, it’s not safe to park under a tree or tree branch. If the storm picks up and there is a lot of wind, these branches can break, while the tree itself can simply fall over if the ground becomes too wet. The last thing you want is for a tree or branch to fall on your car damaging it and injuring yourself.  

Car Damaged by Hail, Now What?

If you have roadside assistance of any means, place a call to have your car towed to a safe place. If your windscreen isn’t cracked or smashed, you may be able to continue to drive to a safe place. Once you have assessed the damage to your car, place a call to your insurance company to get a claim started.  

Is it just your windscreen that is damaged? Autoscreens can come to your home or place of work across Perth to replace your windscreen quickly and easily. The experienced and professional team can assist with a range of car glass replacement services including windscreen replacement, car body glass replacement, dealership and fleet, and removes and refits/reseals.  

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